Starbucks Manager Freaks Out at Customer, Gets Fired

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Here’s an example of how not to handle things your way when working for a world famous company.

This Starbucks manager has a meltdown when the customer took a 99 cent straw and was trying to login to her iphone Starbucks Rewards app to pay for her purchase and didn’t hear the managers question.

The Starbucks manager goes off and the customers is in disbelief, so were the other customers waiting.

Remember, if you’re going to fill out a Starbucks application online, and ultimately get hired, you need to bring your A-game everyday and be cool, calm, and collect every single day.

They have excellent employee training, pay, benefits, and incentives.

And as far as the two people in the video go, the Starbucks manager got fired and the customer received an apology from Starbucks and a $100 gift card. Read the whole story here.

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