10 Most Epic Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs

here's how to quit your job in an epic way

Ever thought about quitting your job? Sure, you can give your boss a two week notice, but how boring is that?

You can be like Joey and quit your job with a marching band, but unless you have a lot of money saved and can afford to pay for a band, you can do it creatively still without costing a dollar.

Check out the video below and see how these guys and gals quit their jobs in epic fashion.

So, you see, you can quit your job in a way that it will be absolutely memorable to you, your coworkers, your bosses, and (if filmed correctly) the internet.

Here’s a Captain Stewart meme about people with no money living better than people who work full time.

If you have quit your job in a memorable way or know of any other people that have quit their jobs in epic fashion, post them in the comments below!

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